Friday, February 5, 2016

Leyden Innovative Teaching and Learning Symosium 2016 #LITLS

The Leyden 1:1 Symposium is now the Leyden Innovative Teaching and Learning Symposium! (#LITLS)

For the past three years, Leyden has hosted the 1:1 Symposium, highlighting the evolution of digital tools in a 1:1 school. Of course, technology was always a vehicle to encourage new avenues for teaching and learning. 
Although technology infuses just about everything we do, we want to make sure that the symposium more accurately reflects what we value. In 2016, we will host the symposium, but broaden our lens to highlight any and all "Innovative Teaching and Learning," which may or may not include a technology-specific component. 

DatesJuly 27-29, 2016
Place: West Leyden High School, 1000 N. Wolf Rd, Northlake, IL 60164

Please click here to see more information on the Symposium, including registration information and call for proposals.

This year's keynote speakers are: 

Josh Stumpenhorst, a junior high history and English teacher in suburban Chicago, IL where he lives with his wife and two sons. His work has been recognized by the International Society for Technology in Education as they named Josh a member of their “Emerging Leaders Class of 2011”. Josh has also been recognized as the Illinois Computer Educators, “Educator of the Year” for 2012 and he is the 2012 Illinois Teacher of the Year.

 Jamie Casap, the Chief Education Evangelist at Google. Jaime evangelizes the power and potential of the web, technology, and Google tools as enabling and supporting capabilities in pursuit of fostering inquiry-driven project-based learning models.

Summer Howarth, the Director of Learning at Education Changemakers, is one of Australia’s most connected education infuencers. Summer brings expert knowledge in design thinking, middle years schooling and environmental education, grounded in extensive experience teaching in some of Australia’s most forward-thinking private schools.

We really hope you can join us as a learner, presenter, or both.  The keynotes alone will be worth your time and the sessions by presenters from around the country and the networking you'll do will be extremely valuable for both you and your education community.  

See you there!

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