Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Digital Tools: Use Remind to send texts to students and parents

For those of you unaware, Remind (formerly Remind101) is a pretty nifty tool. You can send text messages to groups of students or parents safely without the use of phone numbers. Some of my son's teachers use it and it helps my son and our family keep up on what's going on in school. Lots of Leyden teachers are using it, so I'd bet your students can help you set it up too.

Here's from their site: Remind offers teachers a free, safe and simple way to instantly text students and parents. Teachers can send or schedule reminders, assignments, homework, assessments, or motivational messages directly to students’ and parents’ phones. Interactions are safe because phone numbers are always kept private, and messages are sent with no open replies. Teachers, students and parents can see messages from their classes in one place. "

Here's how it works:
  1. Set up an account. It's free.
  2. Create your classes. You don't have to import rosters, just type in the class names (or clubs, or teams, whatever).
  3. Remind gives you a code that you give to students and/or parents. They "opt in" by texting that code to a number given to you by Remind.
  4. That's it. 

You can send a text like "Remember to study for the test tomorrow!",  "Practice is cancelled, " or "Don't forget to see me at Parent Teacher Conferences tomorrow!" 

They even have a Chrome App students can add. Looks like they allow you to attach files, and they have a new chat feature you can use if you want. It's a great tool to use to help with communication with your students.


  1. Great tool! It even allows you to send attachments as well.

  2. My favorite part of this tool is you can set up a delivery time so the text message doesn't get buried at the bottom of their list by the time they get home. I use it all the's great!