Saturday, August 23, 2014

Khan and Growth Mindset: #YouCanLearnAnything

I just received an email from Khan Academy, as I'm lucky enough to be on his mailing list. It seems that Khan has just launched a "Growth Mindset" campaign, based on Carol Dweck's work. This is timely because about 25 teachers, librarians, coaches, and administrators participated in a summer professional learning workshop on just this topic.  
Unfortunately, many often go through school (and life) thinking that "I'm just not good at 'X,' I can never learn 'X.' Some people are good at 'X,' and I'll never be good at "X.' "- whatever 'X' might be.  That's just not the case, and I hope we're all expressing the importance of struggling and persisting. 

In addition to the embedded video, there are some pretty good resources heresome of the science behind the Growth Mindset, an interview with Carol Dweck, and another with singer John Legend (?). Also check out the hashtag #YouCanLearnAnything. 

Also, here's a great clip of kid who embodies a Growth Mindset. After learning to ride a bike, he has some amazingly inspiring advice for everyone else trying to learn:

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