Thursday, March 20, 2014

What I saw this week: Using WeVideo and EasyPrompter to support writing and speaking

This week, I also saw English Teacher Lori Garcia using WeVideo to further encourage speaking and writing skills in her students. She paired two students to interview each other about their lives, and then write a speech about what they learned from their partner.

However, rather than asking students to recite the speech in class, she asked them to input the written text into a Chrome App called EasyPrompter. As the name might suggest, it turns the screen into a teleprompter using the text written by the students. Then, the students were to use WeVideo to record their speech as EasyPrompter delivered the text of the speech on-screen.

Capture of an EasyPrompter screen. Students' speeches scroll
on one part of the screen as they are recorded using WeVideo

In this example, you see the teacher using technology to push student learning forward in order to support her learning objectives and Common Core Standards, and I love this particular speech:


-Mikkel Storaasli

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  1. Thanks for this and the Movenote posts. So helpful! I am sharing w/ my faculty here at OPRF.