Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Audials: Finally! A Podcast Player for Chrome.

Since the demise of Podcast Player Pro, I've been looking for a nice iTunes-like Podcast player. I know it would be nice addition to the arsenal of tools for modern languages teachers to have students listen to up-to-the minute podcasts in their respective languages. Furthermore, there are just so many cool Podcasts out there on so a range of topics that might interest students (and adults!). I personally love Car Talk, Ted Talks, and all sorts of Old Time Radio programs. (Just listen to any episode of "Suspense" alone in the dark. I dare ya!)

Audials has some cool features and it's reasonably easy to use. Here's a quick screencast of the interface. You can choose Internet radio or podcasts, and they categorize a number of podcasts for quick browsing.

You can search for particular podcasts, and you can save podcasts to your favorites by clicking the star.

Here's where it gets interesting for language teachers. If you scroll down past the categories, you will see a link to "Show All Languages"

Select your language, and you have the same categories for that language.

So, that's pretty cool! Lots of options for students and teachers using Chromebooks.

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