Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Creating Google Sites

Since we implemented Google Apps in January, we have enjoyed some extremely powerful tools for communication and collaboration. For example, anyone can create a great looking website in minutes with Google Sites, and open it for viewing or editing to anyone we choose. I recorded the following four videos to demonstrate exactly how easy it is. (Note: these will be part of a bigger website devoted to Google Apps, which will be completed soon)

Fair warning: with these sorts of screencasts, some people seem to prefer to see a human face connected to the narration, as opposed to hearing a disembodied voice. So, I turned on the picture-in-picture setting for these recordings. If this works for you, great.

In my opinion, this is exactly what sticky notes are for: feel free to place one over the lower right-hand corner of the screen at any time.

1. Getting Started: Creating a site, adding pages and subpages.

2. Editing Pages: Changing fonts, colors, and adding links.

3. More Substantial Changes: Changing titles of sites and pages, changing themes and colors

4. How to add a class calendar to your Google Site

5. How to embed a YouTube clip on a page in your Google Site

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