Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Curriculum Mapping Institute, Day 1

So, it was a fruitful, enlightening day at the Curriculum Mapping Institute 2011. Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm in a workshop with Bena Kallick (whose name I misspelled in a tweet today. Sorry!) There are some heavy-hitters here, to be sure. Among others: Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Mike Fisher (who I've followed on Twitter for some time), Janet Hale, Ann Johnson, Jeanne Tribuzzi, Bill Sheskey, Marie Alcock (who is hilarious), and the aforementioned Dr. Kallick (who graciously lent me a copy of her "Habits of Mind" for the night. I promise I'll bring it back tomorrow!).

On the first day, we got some great leadership ideas and resources for mapping. What I really like about the folks here (that I've worked with so far, anyway) is that they get the realities of being in a real live school. We all agree that mapping is a hugely important process, but every school takes a different path. While I think we're in a really good position at Leyden, sometimes I start to hyperventilate, thinking that I'm going to be sent to curriculum purgatory because our path has been a little different than what's suggested in the books and blogs. Long story short, after a couple key conversations, I feel as though I have been absolved of my sins. I'm really excited about the system we're going to build- we're going to get there.

And seriously, I need to spend more time on the Curriculum 21 site. Every time I look, there's more amazing stuff there. Mike Fisher pointed us toward the Livebinders tag on Curriculum 21 Clearinghouse. I mean, honestly. I've recently been working on putting together resources a lot like some of that for our staff, and there it is already.....and done better. And more thoroughly. I will proudly steal all of these resources for the betterment of our kids. Can't wait for tomorrow.

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