Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Curriculum Mapping Institute 2011, part deux

Great stuff today. Lots of information and food for thought.

Some thoughts that stuck out to me and are currently swimming around in my stream of consciousness:

  • We need to get away from a culture of compliance and develop a culture of collaborative inquiry.

  • Mapping is the “What”, Danielson/Marzano framework is the “how.”

  • The conversation IS the map! The map is the artifact of the conversation. Don't let the technology get in the way.

  • The Core (Consensus) map is the itinerary- the projected trip. The ACTUAL trip is the diary map.

  • Your organization functions and grows through conversations....The quality of those conversations determines how smart your organization. - David Perkins.

On the 16 Habits of Mind identified by Kallick and Costa:

  • Habits of Mind: Good thinkers have these habits...Attitudes and dispositions. “What do I do when I don’t know what to do.”

  • How can our curriculum be the framework to allow them to become who we want them to be? How can we make certain that our curriculum is allowing students to be effective thinkers and citizens?

  • The nature of the work we ask the students to do leads to the students we want them to be. For example, if we make everything "count" and worth a grade, why would students take a risk?

  • Could we map the Habits of Mind? Could they be connected to units? (Of course!) They can also be used for norms guiding our professional leaning communities.

  • Considering that we want to look for important themes across the curriculum, across grade levels, across disciplines, could the Habits of Mind fit this bill?

    On meeting differently:

  • We need to get away from "meeting by habit." The wrong people are meeting, simply out of habit. We can use other methods to collaborate- in physical spaces and electronic spaces.

For example:

  • ASCD Edge: Facebook for educatorsw/PD groups (PLCs, Curriculum Mapping groups amongst others)

  • Google Video chat, Google docs, Google + (Apparently with group video chat....? Hmmmmm)

  • Instant Presenter (webinars)

  • Today’s Meet, Titanpad, Wallwisher,,, Linoit,

  • LIVE BINDERS! (Use as a search tool before Google)

And again, Curriculum 21 has some GREAT stuff! Bill Sheskey and Ann Johnson demonstrated the brand new c21 professional services page. Just great.

More tomorrow: Mapping 21st Century Literacies with Michael Fisher and Jeanne Tribuzzi, Leaders and Leadership Teams with Debbie Sullivan, and Using Social Media Tools to Lead the Mapping Process with Bill Sheskey.

Sounds like a slice of fried gold.

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