Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why teachers should use Twitter

Justin Tarte (@justintarte is his Twitter alias) posted this great video on why teachers should use Twitter. He goes through some of the heavy hitters out there, those who are posting great stuff all the time. Here's his original post.

It's pretty interesting because I follow many of these folks and have learned an amazing amount about education and tech from them. They're all listed under the video, so you can just click on the link on see what they're up to. I've starred the ones I follow, although I need to check out all the others he's got on there. However, the video gives a little bio about who they are outside of the Twitterverse. It's just cool to put a face with the Twitter alter-ego.

Anyway, if you're at all interested in checking out Twitter, these are a few can't-miss people to follow. You'll see pretty quickly that Twitter is not all about what breakfast cereal people like and what Lady Gaga's up to.

Click on the links to see some of the posts by these guys:

** Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1
Daniel Pink @danielpink
Tom Altepeter @tomaltepeter
John Maxwell @johncmaxwell
Aviva Dunsiger @Grade1
Mark Sanborn @mark_sanborn
Pernille Ripp @4thGrdTeach
Jon Gordon @jongordon11
Chris Wejr @mrwejr
David Truss @datruss
** Steve Anderson @web20classroom
Dwight Carter @dwight_carter
** Kyle Pace @kylepace
Josh Stumpenhorst @stumpteacher
** Eric Sheninger @NMHS_Principal
Shannon Smith @shannoninottawa
Alec Couros @courosa
Gwyneth Jones @gwynethjones
** George Couros @gcouros
Patrick Larkin @bhsprincipal
Michael Zimmer @MZimmer557
Katie Hellerman @theteachinggame
Dave Martin @d_martin05
** Brian Berry @nunavut_teacher
Jeff Delp @azjd
Lyn Hilt @L_Hilt
Akevy Greenblatt @akevy613
Cale Birk @birklearns
Krissy Venosdale @KTVee
Chris McGee @cmcgee200
Stephanie Madlinger @cyberteacher
Bob Dillon @ideaguy42
Don Grimshaw @mrgrimshaw
Tonya Thompson @thompson_shs
JP Prezzavento @JPPrezz
** Justin Tarte @justintarte
Mikkel Storaasli @LeydenASCI (okay, I just threw myself in there)

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