Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Daniel Pink and Motivation: Replace "Business" with "School"

I spent the last two days at a workshop on Marzano's "Art and Science of Teaching." I highly recommend the book and Marzano's work on this instructional framework.

I also recommend the workshop offered through Solution Tree and run by Deb Pickering. Deb did this one anyway.

At one point, she played a TED video by Daniel Pink, author of "A Whole New Mind." He discusses new models of what motivates people in business, but it's interesting to apply it to students and teachers. Watch the video, and mentally replace the word "business" with "school" whenever he says it.

Think about what might ACTUALLY motivate students and/or teachers, and how we actually reward them- valedictorian status, "A"s, or...merit pay?

And here's a similar talk, but redone RSA Animate style. Thanks Mike Manderino @mmanderino

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